A gradient of wool ends ready for spinning lying side by side with blue on the left and orange and pink on the right.

Getting Back to Handspinning 2021

I have spun my own yarn before with a drop spindle, but it was almost 5 years ago now. I did spin some yarn that I used in projects, but it wasn’t very good, and those projects do not get used/worn. I’ve decided to get back into it now by inserting it into my crafting rotation, and I’m loving it! I think it’s going better this time, too.

Handspun purple yarn held with grass in the background.

The first yarn I spun this year! It’s not much, but it’s soft and squishy. I spun it first with an S twist and then plied with a Z twist. This is the opposite of what I want (oops!), so I won’t be making any more to match even though I still have plenty of this wool left to spin. I’ll have to use this 35g or so for a tiny project.

Blended Bonanza

To practice the spinning, I ordered some wool ends to mix and match without worrying about ruining a colorway I really love. The first ones I pulled out were the blends, which I’m spinning into a gradient of sorts. I’ll use it to try chain plying when I’m done with the single.

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