Present with sparkly gold lid and sparkly red and gold snowflakes and white lights in the background

Christmas 2020

Like many crafters, I like to make my family gifts for holidays rather than buying everything. Last year, I had two primary projects (although I hope to make more for 2021).

One Ring Scarf

I knit this one for my partner, who had known about it for a while: with mandates to stay home, that was the only way I was going to finish it. It was too short, so the Tree of Gondor was added a little last minute. All those extra stitches meant I finished it on Christmas morning!

Pattern by Lyle Stafford.

Scarf made with black and variegated warm oranges and reds, decorated with the Tree of Gondor and the text from the One Ring from the Lord of the Rings.
A selection of crocheted foods.

Amigurumi Foods

One question I faced last year was what I could make a young toddler in my life. The answer: play foods!

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